Takuro Usui (October 9th, 1976-) is a Japanese photographer who specializes in Classic style but Solid, Edgy photographic expression.

Born and raised in Shinjuku Tokyo.
In 2000, moved to New York after graduating from faculty of law in Japan.
While based in New York (he had an official H1B work visa) also worked in Paris, Milan, London, and Tokyo.
In 2004, returned to Tokyo after living in his overseas base for 5 years in total.
And the same year, started as a photographer based in Tokyo.

Mainly shot in portrait on white background, fashion, brand image book, CD jacket, magazine, advertisement, live show, high-end furniture and architectural photography and cine photography.
He had already photographed more than 3,000 portraits on white background by 4×5 around the world.
Artists, Actors, Musicians, Models, Executives, Professors, Scientists, Buddhist priests, Fighters, Professional baseball players, Sumo wrestlers, Dancers, Cartoonists, Sculptors, Flower arrangers, and Special professionals.

He was featured in the 250th issue
“250 people to watch in the world” of ID Magazine UK
as one of the few photographers who shoots from underground to hi fashion.

In 2007, the solo exhibition was held only once in Tokyo. The work, entitled

“Searching for Mr. Olive”

was shot in Melbourne Australia, and was produced with the cooperation of an Australian film director.
Originally shot for an image book, the work was an offer from Japanese fashion brand Mr.Olive.
This story created using cinephotography techniques. He also wrote the original story and screenplay.
All cuts were shot on 35mm black and white. And because of its grand scale and completeness,
it was decided to hold an exhibition of photographs, including other cuts that were not used in the story.
Cinephotography by Takuro Usui which is fashion photography but also films(movie) using only photographs.
Hundreds of people visited every day during the exhibition period.
All 50 works exhibited sold out on the first day.

Takuro Usui